Clarify. Deploy. Achieve.

Execution is the framework leaders require for building emotionally intelligent organizations...

Getting to the needed results for your business is never easy.  It takes dedication, commitment, strong talent and at times, a little luck to make things work cohesively and well.          

With a clear direction and focus, our firm is not for everyone--just those interested in achieving your organizational initiatives every year and continuing to get better at it. 

The CDA Group specializes in aligning the daily tasks and activities of your team with the strategic initiatives of your business. 


We do this by providing a repeatable methodology, a system and process for managing your business. What makes us different is that while we help you manage your business better, we work with you to develop leaders at every level of your organization and build a more satisfied workforce by focusing on social-emotional learning and truly human leadership. 

"You can't execute well unless you have a knowledgeable and committed team working collaboratively to see to the success of the organization. And you can't fully transform your organization without that team understanding the principles, knowledge and tools of social and emotional learning".

"We specialize in providing both".


11325 East Golf View Drive

Galena, IL 61036


T: (815) 200-3235


Monte Pedersen

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