What happens when your people are managed consistently every day?

The CDA Group is an independent training firm that specializes in helping small to middle sized businesses and organizations achieve their strategic plan-on an annual basis.  We believe that organizations excel at creating the right plan for their annual business objectives.  That's exciting and nobody understands or carries that vision better than senior executives, business owners and department leaders who fully know what they are trying to accomplish.  Where problems arise is when the company fails to execute on the plan or team members lack the understanding necessary to know what is expected of them in implementing the plan.  That's where we come in...experts in execution management, dedicated to the concept of "Execution Mastery" or the process of Clarifying, Deploying and Achieving organizational initiatives-helping you to fully engage your team, clarify their objectives and unlock all the resources available to them...   

The KeyneLink Process

The CDA Group utilizes the KeyneLink strategy execution management process developed by the Keyne Insight organization.  This revolutionary process trains your entire team, from senior executives to front line managers, allowing them to fully understand their roles and how they contribute to the overall success of the business.  By aligning the daily tasks and activities of your operating team with the strategic initiatives of the business you create a more direct path to your desired business outcomes. 


Monte Pedersen is the principal and senior leader of The CDA Group.  With over 35 years of experience in corporate operations, sales and strategy management, Monte brings value through his insight and proven ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.  His solid relationship skills allow him to work seamlessly within your organization helping you achieve the results that you are driven towards and want to realize.   


11325 East Golf View Drive

Galena, IL 61036


T: (815) 200-3235


Monte Pedersen


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