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Since 2016, we are a business consulting practice that provides strategy execution management for senior executives and their companies. 

Our process includes part strategy, part operational road map and part software support platform which all combine to allow leadership to harness the actionable intelligence (data and information) locked inside their organizations. 

We accomplish this through a system and process that allows you to manage the day to day performance of your team on an individual level.

The Challenge

Most business cultures do not effectively align with the strategic initiatives of the company.  Leadership in these organizations find themselves driven more by metrics, mostly financial and operational causing them to focus and act solely on numbers.

This is what makes changing culture so difficult. Senior executives worry the business results will suffer should they choose to actually reinforce and emphasize a more positive culture within the company.
​What they don’t realize is that cultural change is a practical process that is strongly based in business results.
Unless every member of the team has a transparent view and understanding of the company balance sheet and financial statements, they are disconnected from anything strategic in the organization.
As a result, the culture suffers because people are conditioned to compete and deliver on metrics alone. This creates a huge opportunity cost to the development of personnel.    

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