What we won't do.....


We won't set in place a plan that you cannot possibly execute upon and walk away. We stay with you through every step of the process and plan, creating accountability at every level of your business that causes you to continually address and drive strategy. 


We won't complicate your business with a strategy that is not understandable or achievable.  We utilize a dynamic process that bridges the gap between strategy and execution--that point where the planning process typically breaks down. We are your partner in helping you to execute, monitor, evaluate and reward those that help move your business forward.


Finally, we won't leave you without a well documented accounting of your annual business performance.  We will provide you with an annual assessment of both organizational and individual performance that can be utilized in the development of the following year's strategic plan.  We teach you how best to capitalize on prior year results and get increasingly better at achieving the annualized goals you set. 

Execution is a people problem, not a strategy problem.  We remove business  obstacles, promote cross functional collaboration and help you communicate organizational priorities-all as part of a dedicated effort to get the entire team contributing to company success.


11325 East Golf View Drive

Galena, IL 61036


T: (815) 200-3235


Monte Pedersen


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